[Help] Cannot seem to get my domain linked

I own a custom domain (machlen.com) through Google Domains and attempted to attach it to my glitch project (machlen.glitch.me) and managed to lose the io file/path needed before getting it set up.

Hi @maflin18, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

You should be able to point your CNAME record at glitch.edgeapp.net as well as the shw.io domain that was provided when you registered your custom domain.

If you give that a shot and it doesn’t work as expected please let us know and we’ll look up the shw.io domain for you to use.

Hello, I no longer know what the shw.io is… Didn’t write it down and it’s definitely not set up within my Google DNS settings correctly. Could you recover that for me? Also, could I have more detailed instructions? Thank you.

Sorry for the miscommunication; I meant that you shouldn’t need the shw.io domain; you should be able to use glitch.edgeapp.net instead. Your shw.io url is 3wq0z1o3h9fdxpmk.shw.io.

As far as more explicit directions, what you need to do to set up the non-Glitch portion of the configuration depends on where your domain is hosted, but our help docs have some guidelines. Fly.io’s DNS help project might also have some DNS-host-specific instructions that could be helpful.

Hi Cori!

I’m having a similar issue – I’m trying to set up a custom domain for my ~allred-nyc project, mapped to www.allred.nyc. I don’t have access to the shw.io url anymore, though, and I see this error when I try to reconfigure it:


To add some complications… I also suspect that www.allred.nyc is presently targetted at a different glitch project.

Could you perhaps unregister the www.allred.nyc record so that I can give it another shot?

Best wishes,

Hey @jude you are absolutely correct; that domain was linked to another project. I’ve removed that association and you should be able to reuse it for your new project without any difficulty now!

Let me know if you run into any other problems!

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Unfortunately I’m still getting the same “www.allred.nyc is already registered for glitch” error

Ha, that’s because I didn’t actually remove the association. Sorry about that. Can you try again?

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All set, thanks Cori :slight_smile:

Hey Cori,

I spoke too soon— the *.shw.io cert that’s bound to my https domain is expired:

Any tips on how to resolve this?

Best wishes,

Huh well that’s new. I’ll get in touch with our partners at fly.io and ask them if they can take a look.

Sorry for the headache!

Oh one thing you could try. Can you try setting your CNAME to point to glitch.edgeapp.net instead of to your *.shw.io domain?

Thanks Cori. Looks like something was resolved on the fly.io side – the cert is now valid through 4/2019.

Now just to resolve the SSL certs so that https://allred.nyc isn’t failing, but https://www.allred.nyc is up now. :thumbsup:

Glad you got it sorted! Your site looks great!

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Ive been looking around for a way to get SSL certificate on google domains, and it seems like you got it! I was wondering if you could inform me on how you did it.