Help! Can't rename my project with my desired name (even though the name is not taken)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Rename project to

Expected result:
Project is renamed! Can edit and view my project successfully.

What happens:
Project is renamed, but index.html live preview does not load at all and the project disappears from my projects page

That project is already taken, which is why it’s not letting you register it. I’ll raise a bug for the UI not showing that for some reason in this case. Sorry about that.

Hello, I have a similar, maybe related problem. I have renamed a project, then after some time deleted it. Now I created the project again, tried to assign the name I had assigned it before, and it keeps on saying that the name is taken. Of course if I visit the page https://>name<, it says that the project does not exist, but I still cannot assign it the name I want.

Since the name it is not actually taken, I thing this is a bug. The name should be freed immediately after a project is renamed OR deleted. Or at least this is what I would expect.

Please let me know if there is a way to get my name back, or if it is doomed to stay in the “already-taken-but-not-really” limbo forever.