[HELP] Domain is already registered for glitch

Hello could anyone possibly help me with this issue? So I made a glitch project and tested around with the free domain that glitch usually provides, I finally finished testing and wanted to add my custom domain to it but when I tried it gave a error saying “Domain is already registered for glitch”. I never added this custom domain before? What am I supposed to do now…?

Project name: amber-rowan-ixia
My domain: https://conflixion.xyz

You should write to support@glitch.com to have it removed from the database.

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Okay will do, thanks

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This occurrence has happened many times so it must be related to the fly.io outage.

We are looking into an issue that may cause custom domains to stop working. We will post an update once the issue is fixed.

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No, I dont think this has to do with that.


Yeah, you are most likely right. I just though that because it kicked people out and it was posted about many times.