Help Error: Cannot find module 'discord.js'

is always say Error: Cannot find module ‘discord.js’ even discord.js is installed
here the logs of the error

What’s the name of your project?

There’s not enough information to give you specific advice; however, try going to the package.json file and clicking “Add Package.” It seems like there are some unmet requirements there

Could you please execute these commands-

rm shrinkwrap.yaml


Im having an issue similar to that.

still getting error

i already do that

Try doing rm -rf node_modules && npm i at Console.

Or… Check your package.json and Make sure the "name" is not includes a Space. It looks like This:

    "name": "hello-world"

And not looks like this:

    "name": "hello world"

If it’s includes a Space, Try change the package name without space.

It should be pnpm