Help fixing a few errors and writing a few lines

I want to output a random url from my playlist every few minutes into twitch chat preceded by '!sr ’ basically so nightbot picks it up as a song request but it’s automated. I could just make an array and pick a random string from the array but that would require pasting in a ton of urls into the code and would have to be updated every time I update the playlist. I have a few syntax errors and a few things I don’t know how to do. I need to fix the errors and add code for saving the url of the video grabbed from the youtube api and to output it into twitch chat (this last bit should be easy but It makes sense to do it last).

The above is in the code as a comment, and it should make sense when you look at it.

Thanks to anyone who tries to help!

Can you describe the errors you are getting? The project is also private.

Oops, I’ll fix that, also I don’t remember the errors well but I’ll take a loot in the morning.