Help! help! I have a loop problem

All my projects have entered the loop and are not loading, These are dozens of my clients whose constant menu does not load צילום מסך 2020-12-17 111311

i have same error possible to binding file
i need help to

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i fixed try to change node version to 8 -> 12 on package json

Where is the support team? What’s happening to you Glitch ???

i used that package.json and it worked

I can not figure out how to solve this problem

change bot.js to server.js on package.json dude

pm me or mail me your project invite link;
Discord: Hüseyin Ali#0175

Can you take a screenshot of me please where is it “change bot.js to server.js in package.json dude”?

here image change it with your main file
looks like u are using server.js so i edited it

This is not the solution for me, thanks for the help, I’m looking for more answers.

Maybe the support team will wake up

Contact for assistance.

It turns out that Glitch decided to delete my “body-parser” library
I manually updated 20 failed projects.

It is not possible for such a thing to happen suddenly on its own.
The issue is resolved, have a wonderful day.

I believe its an issue on Glitch’s end, which may have been patched.