Help ! I need to remove my projects

Please wanted to remove all my projects, I deleted them, but they still work. I want air removals, please!
( GabrielPereira96 )

Hi @gabrielpsdocio, welcome to the Glitch forum!

I took a look at the profile you linked to an there aren’t any deleted projects there. Can you help me understand how we can help?

I want to delete all my projects, some are in use, but I can’t delete them. I want to delete all not to be used.

I want to remove permanent, or if possible, delete my account with all projects created and then I create another account. I just need to remove all the projects I already created, some I deleted but still online, so I want to remove all of them please!

Any project linked to my account needs to be deleted, I need it urgently please!

Hey @gabrielpsdocio we’ll be happy to help out here but we need to understand exactly what problem you need us to help solve. Some comments / followups:

  1. Can you point us to a project that you’ve deleted that’s still online? That’s a pretty big problem that we’d like to know about as soon as possible, but I can’t reproduce it, so if you can provide an example that would be great
  2. You mention that you can’t delete some of your projects - can you point us to a project that you’ve tried to delete but cannot? If you’re a project member you should be able to delete any project in your project list; again that’s a big problem that we want to know about so we can fix it.
  3. You mention in one of your messages that you’d like us to delete your account so you can start over. If that’s what you prefer we can take care of that for you. If you’d rather keep your account and have us permanently delete all projects you’ve marked deleted, we can do that instead (that’ll just take us a little longer)

It will be better this way, excluding my account, probably all my projects will be gone, so I prefer it this way, please.

pls i need delete my account

Hey @gabrielpsdocio, I just want to make sure we’re completely on the same page, since account deletion is irreversible: you do want us to completely delete your account, correct?

You can delete my account too, I create another one later, I just need all projects to be deleted. <3

Hi @gabrielpsdocio, we’ve deleted this account and associated projects. Please let us know if you need anything else!