Help Me GLITCH don't working!

Hello, glitch for me don’t working. I can’t login and i can’t script my codes!
Look this :

Help me pls, i need glitch…

Glitch are aware of this issue. They believe it may not be related to the outage they’ve had recently so I would just wait it out :slight_smile:

The samething happened to me, i emailed glitch about it. they to try to clear your cookies and cahe then try again

Here’s what @mads from @glitch_support said:

should an mail to glitch? (i use traslate sorry)

I don’t think you need to. They know about the issue already. Would recommend waiting until it is fixed :slight_smile:

Yes, email them. While you wait for a response clear your cache.

Just clear your cookies and cahe it worked for me and i just did it

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You can also try a hard refresh. CRTL + F5 on chrome.


I had the same issue, a simple solution for that is to do hard refresh by pressing ctrl + F5, if it doesn’t work then close all glitch tabs and clear cache from all time and then open glitch again.