Help me guys pls

I have this problem but ı don’t understand what’s this error.

It can’t find said file

Hey @Levitnus, posting an image of your project file tree here would be helpful.

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Your project is trying to tell you that it can’t find the file bot.js. Did you include it somewhere?

Let us See your Package.json File

This code will cause Your Project to launch automacilly
“scripts”: {
“start”: “node bot.js”

It is located in your package.json file
Swap out bot.js with your main file

Do you have a File called Package.json

That is your script you are showing me

also what is your main bots File name?

You just leaked your token, you should understand what you’re doing before you do it.

I have flagged that post as I hope @glitch_support removes that screenshot in case @Levitnus hasn’t regenerated his token.


You really shouldnt show your discord token. People can steal that and impersonate your bot.

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