Help me How to reset my bot?

(turkish) discord için bir botum var bu botu nasıl resetleyebilirim (english) i have a discord bot im how to reset my bot

Do you want to reset the token of your bot?

no i want reset my bot

What do you mean by reset?

Could you please clarify that? Do you mean deleting your bot account?

i want restart bot sorry for my bad english

You can run refresh in the terminal.

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im change bot pp and its not

Are you trying to change your bot’s profile picture?

yea i want …

You can do so here:, then click your application name.

i am changind but no change is

Try making your bot online, then it should change.

already works online …

Try refreshing your client then.

this is a music bot and every command is working I’m changing the photo but it doesn’t change so I wanted to restart I restarted but it still doesn’t change

It might take some time to update. Are you sure you clicked save when you uploaded the photo?

Uh, You should not change your bots profile picture everytime a command is ran. That’s gonna result in API Abuse and ratelimits.


yes I’m sure I tried 2 times and waited 30 minutes

You might want to get in touch with discord support if that is the case.