Help me my Discord bot does not stay active

Someone help me, I had my Discord bot in glitch and I kept it active with UptimeRobot, but lately my bots say they are coming down: does someone give me other pages to keep my Glitch bot active?

If you want to keep your Glitch project online 24/7 you can upgrade to boosted apps:


and there’s no way it’s free? : v

Sorry, but there is not.

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There are some ways, but that will get you suspended.

You could use (instead of breaking tos).

If you want your code to be private, you would have to run base64 text from env in a script.

or be a student…

Can I get the improved for free?
if I am a student?

yeah you can get the hacker plan for 6 months and make a bunch of private repls

and how can i do it?

You sign up for the GitHub student pack, wait a week I guess (apply again if you didn’t make it to get another week of waiting) then get the perks. I don’t know how all of it works though…

Keep in mind you will have to node your server because running npm start will not work with, and yarn, and such.