Help me, my site doesn't load


Serving at e[4mhttp://ac40080cfed7:3000e[0m, e[4mhttp://[0m, e[4mhttp://[0m

and the error I get on chrome is


Update: I’ve noticed some of my friends can access the site while others can’t. they are all using Google Chrome which supports everything that’s in the site. please help

Hi @depressed_chip – is your project public? I’d be happy to take a look if so.

it’s a normal web page app that has legit copy pasted code off wikihow’s homepage

it was working fine yesterday

In order for us to be able to help out, we will most likely need to have a look at the actual code to see what is going wrong.


is the project name

Which URL did you enter that prompted this error?

I’ve taken a quick look around and it appears all good to me.

When I load that project, The site shows as unsecure, which could mean the certificate is not valid, or there is no certificate at all. @cori may have to look at this.

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Hm…I’m seeing it as secure on latest Chrome? I had a similar issue with a Flask app at one point, where the server would sometimes return an http response even if the client requested https – I was able to fix it in that context by having a check in the server code to see if X-Forwarded-Proto in the header was set to http and then changing it to https? But that might not be an issue in node.

Hi, Cassey from Glitch here!
The DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN happens when the URL someone entered doesn’t match the URL of a site that exists. Is it possible your friends mistyped the URL? Or copied and pasted it from somewhere it was mistyped? Pay special attention to the part of the URL.

I clicked “share live app” on the project.

Can you see if perhaps your friends can send a screenshot that includes the browser’s address bar, of the error they’re seeing?

this is what of my friends sees

I’ve just visited the website again and still didn’t get a bad result.
I did notice our locale is different. Maybe this is something glitch-related?

@Glitch_Support I believe this might be something that needs a look.

if that’s the case I think Its best to say I’m in Italy, if that helps

Hi @depressed_chip, I’m Lyzi from Glitch! Going to take over for @cassey here.

I just looked at the site in Firefox and everything seems to be working now. Everything even seems to be loading over HTTPS/securely! Can you have your friend check one more time to see if it’s working? I have a feeling it may have been something on our end that is now resolved.

thanks for the help, but there are legit some people who can access and some who can’t, sometimes it says I can’t connect either and sometimes it says others who could can’t anymore. this is so confusing!

Alright, let’s troubleshoot a bit further.

You said you copy-pasted the code from wikiHow’s homepage, correct? wikiHow is a Wordpress site with a backend written in PHP, and the HTML that makes up the homepage is generated by Wordpress. It is very possible that there is code in your project that is either specific to Wordpress (which you are not running here) or specific to wikiHow – looking at the developer console, I can see that there are at least a few errors related to Google Analytics code that was copied over, as well as an error related to iframes. I would recommend going through and deleting any code that isn’t necessary for your site and seeing if that cleans things up.

Ah! I think I might know what your issue is. There’s been a recurring issue with multiple users where users specifically in Italy were unable to view Glitch sites – that might explain why some people can see the site, and others can’t.
Three different instances of the phenomenon are detailed in these posts, at least two of which resolved successfully!

It seems like some DNS adjustments might do the trick?

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Yes, that is indeed the issue. It all makes “sense” now!