Help me not load my project

Hello, Please help me. I incorrectly opened a lot of new titles in my project, so I froze my project and the control page of my project is not loading.
example: like web/web1/web2/web3/web4/web/web6/web7/web8/web9/web10, I didn’t really do it on purpose please help.

I’m not entirely sure what you me, but if you opened too many projects at once to the point where it can’t load anymore you may have to delete the project and start again. Either that or just wait for it to finish loading.

You may be able to get into the full page console for the project, using a url such as

From there you can use ubuntu linux commands to clean up the folders and files, for example

# show listing

# remove folder and everything in it, type carefully
rm -rf web

Be careful, a typo could wipe the entire project!

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Glitch is having a very glitchy outage.

No need for this, misleading. Simple answer.

Glitch is having a outage. There is no need for removing everything.

thank you, my friend, but I did not do everything you said, but thanks to the console and reset the project I threw and corrected the unnecessary files with my hand deleted.