Help me please - grenzoo

can someone or a staff Rolle back my coded bot please my friend deleted everything on my bot please help me :’(

my project name was grenzoo
and now its -707- it got hacked probably or my firend deleted everything i just need my old bot


Use the Rewind feature to retrieve your old code. More info on how to do that here:

okay thanks i got it do you know how ican make for exemple a .js command that when i do !meme it gives me random memes like not the same image every time i put !meme i get a diffrent please help

You can us the Imgflip API to get a list of popular memes. Send a GET request to to get an array of memes more info here

You can also check out reddit APIs.

You can also add “.json” to the end of a subreddit URL to get that Reddit page as JSON:

Thats really cool! I never knew that was how you used the API.