Help My Bot Getting 4k ping

My Bot Ping İs too Much Bot Going OflFine

glitch is having some downtimes and its not really created in mind for discord bots anyway

@Flix-x, Glitch has been facing downtime recently, and as @anon43649539 said, Glitch isn’t really designed for Discord bots.

Personally, I would only recommend using glitch for hosting a Discord bot if its for testing purposes.


Which Hosting You Choosse

i self host if that helps

Self hosting is good for maybe the first 50 servers and after that if you really take discord bots seriously, I would look into a VPS or something like Heroku.

I doesn’t recommend Heroku.

I Solve Problem But Now I Cant Ping my Bot

Pinging services are currently blocked, therefore if you’d like to ping your bot, your going to have to find another host.