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Hi there folks!

What Is This?

A few people asking about this so I thought Iโ€™d explain in a central topic so that I can link to it. I plan for this to be like the Glitch Ban Mega-thread where people put pages that no longer work, but are still being linked to, as a post the Glitch support team can come and fix it when they have a spare moment :slight_smile:

Recently, Glitch moved their help page ( from one software to Happyfox Help Desk Software. As this software is somewhat different, the URL structure is too, meaning that some URLs for the old pages now result in 404 Not Found errors - do not fear, the article is still there, just with a different URL. The best way to find the article you were looking for is by searching at or going through the different sections at

If you found a help article that is still being linked to with the old URL, stick it below (preferably with the place it is still shown if you can remember) so the Glitch Support Team can fix it when they have a spare moment :arrow_down:

Hope this helps the confusion :slight_smile:

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Some that donโ€™t work:

Post any you find below :slight_smile:

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