Help! Project randomly emptied!

I do not know why but my project i-do-not-know has been emptied with no reason, I cannot see files in downloaded archive nor in linux console, please help! Also, the name is i-do-not-know Lol I know it sounds weird… I’m also getting problems connecting to the project…

Hi @SuperOP535,

sorry for the issue! Your project should be restored.

Why did this happen? Console started logging all requests (ip, useragent etc.)…

It is old! My new code is gone!! I’m left with my old broken code… I had updated a lot of things :(((((((

sorry about it. We tried again the restore procedure. Is it ok now?

Yes it is :smiley: but may I know why this happened?

We run several thousands projects, each of them has its own filesystem. Perhaps your filesystem got temporarily broken for some reason :slight_smile: This is why we have continuous backups of every project.

UPDATE: but do not worry, this kind of failures are very, very rare. You’ve been a bit unlucky :slight_smile:

Ok :slight_smile: ty for the help

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