[Help Revive Discord Bots!] Glitch Compromise?

Due to the recent ban on pinging services, discord bots on glitch no longer work, and many other different projects that require to stay on. HOWEVER, in the glimmer article that glitch made it is said: “Not all of these services are as reliable as we’d like, and sometimes when there are problems they can cause as much load on our systems as a malicious attack would.”.

This quote got me thinking if glitch instead offered free “always on” projects (“Always on projects” could be earned by getting enough thanks, or something else earn-able), it would bring back the great freelancer Glitch-DiscordBot community. It would also not make the hassle of unreliable pinging services.

Boosting would still offer “Always on” but for more than 1 project. This compromise would only benefit glitch, and glitch users. It wouldn’t be unreliable as pinging services, and boosting is not greatly disbenefited.

Is this compromise possible? or am I missing a key part in why this would disbenefit glitch/glitch users.
Please add your thoughts to this.

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but if users got 3 always-on projects, that would kinda make glitch boosted useless

and anyone could exploit the system

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maybe limit it to 1 project, and make it not for everyone

Make it so you need thanks ? Or some kind of Glitch upvotes so you need a min upvotes to get one ?

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Maybe it could be limited to 1 project and you need to get 10 thanks and a special badge on the forum.

@anon69241012 I don’t think thanks. Thanks is really not used now and can easily be foolded with multiple accounts. Regular fourm tag or possibly an easier one to get would be better