Help Unlinking Domain

I’m having issues unlinking my domain from glitch. Even with the project deleted it still get’s forwarded. Here’s my domain from my 73xploited project, thanks!

I’ll ping @glitch_support so that they can unlink the domain for you!

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Hi @Mosaknows we have removed that domain from your project. If you have any questions, let us know!

I’m not sure if it’s just processing but, it still redirects to the deleted glitch project.

Hmm I see what you are talking about.

Since the custom domain is no longer showing up in our system there are two things you can try to fix this.

  1. Go to and see if you can remove the domain yourself.
  2. If you cannot, I believe you’ll need to contact and ask them if they still have that domain in their records and if so, to remove it.

If you need additional help after trying these things, let us know!

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