Help using A Record for bare domain

Hi! I was able to get to work with a CNAME but wouldn’t connect, so deleted the CNAME and I’m retrying with instructions on using the ip address for for A Record:

It’s still not working haha.
Am I missing something? I tried yesterday to point A Record to and it was just broken.

it’s working from here :person_tipping_hand:

When I use the bare domain I get the godaddy sad page :frowning:

I think that’s the mythical propagation time. did the old entry have very high TTL? maybe there’s a way to flush your DNS cache

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For chromium users you may be able to reset your cache at
You may need go to the socket page and disconnect the current sockets since chromium may try to reuse old sockets with the wrong ip.

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Working for me :smile:

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