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Is it possible to create website with HTML and css with JavaScript then develop an application to send, receive and fetch information from that website ? and which languages should i learn to develop that application ?

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Hello! @DragunovIQ, Welcome to the Glitch Community!

That is a good question you have and, personally I would go with “Javascript, HTML, and CSS”.

I would first go by making a simple node project. With a few functions, I would use the “Express” dependency to do the HTML side of things, and then from the Javascript file I have (Not the HTML script file) I would put whatever code I need to get information from the website. I would not know how to get the website information from the Javascript myself, but I do know for a fact that it is possible as I have seen it being done before!

A Tutorial for “Express” can be found here!

I hope you can get what you need, and have this functioning to your standards!

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Callum OKane

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