Help with domain

first, i need you delete from the project naknak-bot the domains:

second, i need help with the domains
i want to link the domain to my project
i do it in

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Hi @nivlol, before I remove these custom domains, are you hoping to get them working with the project you mentioned? If so I don’t want to remove them just so you can add them to the same project again.

i want link with this project but i dont have the cname

Ah, ok! You don’t need the cname generated by the Custom Domains process, in fact; you can use instead - they are completely interchangeable.

In terms of getting a “bare domain” to work in Freenom, I think what you want in the “name” field is “.”, and you’ll have to use an A record and the IP address from There’s a little more detail about why this is the case in our help document.

Hope this helps!

if i use the ip/, how its can find my project?, who provides the backend for this service, maps between the domain you’ve set up and the Glitch project it’s linked to. You can check their docs out at if you’re interested in the technical details - I don’t know too much about that end of things but I’ve never observed an issue with the side of things. Most problems we run into are a result of the complexity of the DNS architecture as a whole.

i dont understand
so, you can remove “” and “”?

Just use as the cname value instead of the url, there’s no point of removing it unless you need to connect your domain to a different project. From what you said it looks like you’ll add your domain back to the same project, which is pointless.
it do Screenshot_198

I’m not seeing that result, @nivlol - here’s what I see:


Are you still seeing the Not secure warning?

now its ok, thanks :slight_smile:

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