Help with.. everything
Can someone help me adding the… account & uploading system? i’m dumb ._.

I think there should be 2 different servers for it (correct me if i’m wrong)
Because the adult & Kids section uploads should be separated.

Also, i need to review it before it appears on the main site… soo

Before any of us can help you further, could you answer the following questions?

  1. What exactly are you/your project trying to do or accomplish?
  2. Can we have an edit link?

Also, unrelated but what is Thimble?

  1. A combination of netflix-youtube. it’s a place where you watch what people upload, i actually don’t care about reviewing them anymore since it wuld be hard to develop.

  2.!/livecast-beta Also the place where the videos should appear are Kids.html and Adults.html

  3. Idk

If you don’t know what Thimble is, move this to coding help.

It seems like you cloned the hello-sql template but didn’t change add any file serving functions. You know about node.js, correct?

no, that’s why i’m asking for help!

Are you familiar with server-side development?

mmm nope
i only know html & css

Why don’t you start from here:

Looks like you’re trying to build a full-stack web app - that’s pretty hard and you need to know at least Javascript to accomplish that. Good luck!

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yeah i know js

Well there is frontend and backend/server js. They are different in the fact that one is run on the client’s side/browser and one on the server environment/computer

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.ya beat me to it lol. That’s actually a really concise explanation.

Hi @no_one - I’m gonna chime in with some advice here.
You see, when I first learnt about html, I thought I knew it all and could make YouTube, but oh boy was there so much I needed to learn. Glitch got me into Node.js and now it’s my favourite environment to use to create sites. You’ll also need databases and so much more. It’s best to learn step by step with different projects (a discord bot can be an example) to be introduced into Node and databases and stuff, before trying to make a whole website with logins and stuff.
Have fun learning!


I know, i heard about it years ago!

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This was totally me when I first wrote hello world between two <p> tags lmao. I was like, “guys, I’m on my way to being the hacking advisor for the next Bourne movie”.

An year and a half later… not so much. I definitely learned a ton more about databases, auth structures and all that which is SUPER important.

But @no_one I’m not so sure about starting off with a discord bot… make sure you know the basics of javascript, and then get used to backend development/syntax (the freecodecamp course looks pretty good).
I started with a discord bot, and I failed pretty fast and hard. But that’s just me - it’s worked for tons of other people.
The biggest pro about discord bots is that you don’t need to worry about CSS styling and serving static files and that stuff. But you already know HTML and CSS so it won’t be too big of an issue.

I kinda know some js
console.warn(“how dare you underestimate my powers!?”)

In fact I just kinda rolled with node without knowing what it was at all when I used it for the first time making a discord bot. I just followed the tutorials and had no idea how it all worked. The I went to PHP, similar to Node, and found it cool as it also did stuff on the server end and I could make logins. Then I startrd using Glitch more and got back into Node and learnt it as much as possible and now it’s my favourite
Happy Glitching :glitch:

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Thimble was once a platform by Mozilla made in 2016, (i think) and shut down in 2018. All projects migrated to Glitch.

It’s pretty much saying that you shouldn’t even be messing around with this anyways, because that was 2018. The category shouldn’t even exist


This is creepily like me - I started with discord bots and node, couldn’t make head or tail of it, quit, moved to plain JS, built some client-side projects with the DOM and fetch, and then slowly made my way back to server-side stuff.

My first experience with using databases for logins wasn’t a database at all and it was all client side. It saved all the user info to Google Sheets. I was wondering why all the packages for hashing passwords wouldn’t work and now I know it’s because it was all serverside packages :joy: