Help with express

hello I have a problem with express ytdl core even though I have already installed it in both the bot and glitch it tells me that it is still missing

This error can often be resolved by running enable-pnpm in the console.

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This might help as well:

For anyone having the problem that the console errors that a module cannot be found, glitch resetted the node_modules to prevent further issues to their and your systems.
And how do you help that out?
• The simplest way is going to your package.json,
• Look at dependencies
REMOVE them all, make sure the bot sees this by having it refresh/restart if you have a watch.json file.
• Once this finishes, paste back all the information you just removed from the dependencies list.
Restart/refresh once again and that should help. *

If this doesn’t, try searching for solutions like enable-pnpm or by doing npm i <module>.