Help with first steps in Node


I have choose Glitch to create my first fb messanger bot. According to the documentation ( I created simole code
But it doesn’t work. What is wrong?


hey @info170,

Could you provide more information? Such as error from the console, if any.
Simply saying “it broke, how do I fix this?” Won’t get us anywhere.

To access console: Tools > Console


There is no errors in console.
I see Cannot GET / after starting.
And I can’t connect to script remotely :
curl -X GET “<YOUR_VERIFY_TOKEN>&hub.challenge=CHALLENGE_ACCEPTED&hub.mode=subscribe”
message: curl failed to connect, timeout


Hey @info170, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

As far as that curl command is concerned, that’s expected behavior. You won’t be able to access your Glitch project externally except on ports 80 and 443, so attempting to access it over port 1337 won’t work, and we have no current plans to change that behavior.