Help with Merging my project codebase to remote master on GitHub

What I need to do if my branch master on recaptime-probotapp project and the remote one on MadeByThePInsHub/RecapTime-ProbotApp at GitHub have diverged? I’m not sure how to do M-B to toggle backup file or M-D to toggle appending on Write File.

Hey @AJHaliliDev2006PH this is a really big question with no one right answer, and the “correct” thing to do depends on what the conflicts are. It looks like you’re using some editor commands, and perhaps the commands you’re used to aren’t working in the Glitch console? You might try replacing your normal metakey for commands with the key.

If you’re still having problems perhaps you can describe your typical process and someone might be able to help translate that to something that will work in Glitch.