Help with Prettier

Hello, I’m very excited to use the new glitch feature and was very surprised to see that. But there’s only one problem disturbing me, I’ve setup a .prettierrc.json for configuring my own rules, but I actually failed. I have some eslint-rules that I want to convert to Prettier, but I don’t know how to. Here is my code for the eslint-rules:

Prettier seems to have much fewer options than ESLint, so I guess the short answer is “You can’t”. Instead, you could use both of them:

And you can extend multiple configurations in ESLint:

If I use both of them, am I able to use the glitch’s “Format This File” option?

Hello @IamIshmaamKhan! Unfortunately, while we do still support ESLint for linting of files (checking for issues and the warning dots that appear in the editor), we only presently support Prettier and its set of options for auto-formatting your code. If there are other formatters you’d like to see, it would be great to file them in Feature Ideas so we can make sure that we can keep track of them as we add new features and abilities.