Help with Pyrogram

Im trying to do a user bot for Telegram with Pyrogram

Pyrogram installation

I installed pyrogram with a requirements.txt, but when I tried to install the TgCrypto requirement (Is faster than default) i couldnt do it.

Also tried pip3 install --upgrade pyrogram[fast] but i dont have permissions and can’t use Sudo.

This is what is printed on console.

TgCrypto is missing! Pyrogram will work the same, but at a much slower speed. More info:

Any ideas for it? Im pretty new with Glitch :frowning:

Thanks ^^

Hey @Zoilken, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

I didn’t dig too deeply, but I was able to install both TgCrypto and pyrogram using the --user option as is suggested in the pip3 install error message:

Consider using the '--user' option or check the permissions.


pip3 install --upgrade --user tgcrypto
pip3 install --upgrade --user pyrogram[fast]

seemed to be successful (although I didn’t try to actually use them).

Does that work for you?

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Yes this is the right solution to doing it.

and oh it has been modified to

pip3 install --U --user tgcrypto
pip3 install --U --user pyrogram[fast]

I hope this helps out

Cheers! @Bfaschat