Help With Using Python and Django in My App

I want to use Python and Django in my app. How do I do this without using PHP? Is there any way without having a glitch.json file? If not, how should it look?

Just add a requirements.txt file with all the packages you need, and a file with python3 in it. That will make your project use python, download the packages and start the right file. No idea about django though, you might want to ckeck out this project.
I hope this helps!


I notice there is no file generated- what gives?

EDIT- turns out you have to make it yourself

Is a requirements.txt file necessary even if there is no package I need to install?

I followed your instructions but my project is not starting. The code is here.

@R4356th The requirements.txt file tells the editor that your project is using python, so noemally I would say yes. Can you make sure it’s definitely not printing “hello world” in the logs? If it isn’t, then you may need to include a package.json, where the start script is bash This should definotely make it work, and then can you try getting rid of the oackage.json and see whether it still works? I think it’s basically because Glitch thinks it’s a static site at the moment.
I hope this works!

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Yes, thank you! It worked!


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