Here's what to do after Glitch banned pinging services! GUIDE

Before reading anything, I want to tell you that this is NOT an advertisement. It’s just my recommendations. Also, I still recommend you to pay Glitch for “Forever Alive” to keep them running.

By the way I’m not a native English speaker so this post might contain some mistakes. Thank you.

3 ways to deal with Glitch banning pinging service

  1. Change to is a similar website to Glitch. It can even let you program in more languages such as Python, Ruby and more. I recently changed my bot to there to keep it running as it accepts pinging service to keep your project “alive”. It works almost perfectly for a 24/7 Discord bot. The only problem is that music commands will not work, or specifically, the moment the bot joins a voice channel. You will receive the error Connection not established within 15 seconds. I’m sure the problem only occurs in as I tested it in Glitch and locally. The website is also completely free like Glitch.

  2. Change to Heroku
    You might have heard of this one as many people talk about that. This site is a perfect way to host a Discord bot as its downtime is minimal. No problem has been found so far. However, unlike many people said, this service is NOT completely free. The site introduce a thing called Dyno hours, which is the hours you can get your application on. For free accounts, you only have 550 Dyno hours. That’s about 21.9 days a month. As there is no need to keep pinging, I still recommend it.

  3. Localhost
    If you don’t know what is localhost, it simply means that you host it on your computer. This can be a really good solution as it does not rely on any other websites. You just need your computer. Although the performance varies with your computer and internet, it is still a good way. However, in order to keep your Discord bot running 24/7, your computer also needs to be running 24/7.

Here’s what I think that can help you out if you were using Glitch for your Discord bots. Good luck with your bots!


I will move this to #the-gallery! And changing name to show it is a guide

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  1. Localhost : host on a raspberry pi and port forward it

This is a really good post. I thought it was going to be another ping bypass, but congrats. Great solutions, I hope a lot of people see this and stop begging for pings back. :shrug:

Edit, since this is my first day on glitch, I can’t make anymore posts, so I guess I’ll have to edit this one.

@SebPautot (regarding port forward)
If you’re hosting a bot, not necessary, but a website, yes. However, this can be against your internet service providers rules, depending on the traffic.

Also, I have an off-topic question, how do I get the “Regular” next to my name? :joy:

@TheBigC I don’t think he was advertising, just recommending it. I get what you mean in the wording though.


Yep, hope so

Raspberry Pis are great little computers available for awfully cheap (e.g. £30-60) and can run Discord Bots, Apache Web Servers, etc. with a breeze and from here in the UK! Learn more:

Nice post! Thanks @North-West-Wind

Yep! My school has a few plus one from the European Space Agency to send our python scripts to space

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That’s like an ad… Plus, there are also hosting companies like and

It seems to ellaberate the 3rd point

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I think I’ll personnally move Ken Bot from Glitch to my Raspberry Pi when I get an other computer (because my current PC is the Raspberry Pi (4B))

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Not an ad. I’m just very enthusiastic about the product and hope other people can benefit from knowing about it. Plus, I ain’t getting paid a penny from Raspberry Pi Trading Ltd. or The Raspberry Pi Foundation and am not affiliated with them in any way. There you go, full disclosure! :joy:

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@rnss, to get the “Regular” title next to your name, you need to achieve Trust Level 3.


And then turn on the tag in your profile settings
Learn more:


Mucho gracias for this pointer, @North-West-Wind!

So, I took the #2 route (heroku) for my discord bot, and thus far it has been working like a charm (knock on wood). :slight_smile:

I didn’t really like the #1 option because supposedly you cannot private projects for free on, like you can here on Glitch.

And #3 isn’t too hard to setup, but I rather not have to use my home box to run the bot.

So #2 it is for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

IDK why, but I had always avoided Heroku in the past because I thought the setup was super complicated. Seems like they have made the process a lot easier since my first go around months ago.

We’ll see how well this works, but so far a few hours in I have had no problems with the setup and getting the bot up and running. And also looks like there is no need to wake up the bot after a certain time which is pretty neat.

Anyway, it has been a fun few months for me here at Glitch! Was super grateful to have stumbled across this platform back in December. Really enjoyed the first few months of pretty flawless uptime. Service was fantastic back then.

It is unfortunate that things kinda fell apart here this month, but I hope the changes that Glitch is making recently will make the platform a heck of a tone more stable and secure going forward.

I’ve closed up shop with my Glitch account as of now. I’m done. But, really appreciate all the help and support and everything thatGlitch has done for me and this community over the short few months that I was using the platform. You guys are really great! Serious.

Best of luck to all of you, wherever it is that you guys end up going to next from here. Hope it works out. :wink:


Hey there,
Isn’t there a limited amount of hours you can run a project 24/7 on Heroku?

Yessir. 550 hours I believe I had read, which is equivalent to 21 days? Not too bad.

However, I think if you add a credit card to your account there, you can get another 400 or whatever hours free. No charges to your card or anything. So essentially it covers the month.

But, kinda cool that there is no need to use pinging services or what not to keep the bot online.

We’ll see how this goes. So far so good.

I will stay on Glitch for now, because pf the real-time coding feature and being fast, both help me a lot with coding my bots :stuck_out_tongue:


Has glitch banned pinging permanently? I thought it was temporary.

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It is permanent now. Sorry about that!