Hey Glitch, how can we help?

Hi there,

I was wondering today how the us, the community, can help out Glitch.

I’ve seen there are a good amount of starter projects, also fun applications, but besides this forum, the starter apps, or just cool apps (content), what else do Glitch need from us?

How can we help Glitch grow, improve, be more popular? Do you need more documentation? Ideas? Hands?

Hope this makes sense,


Thanks for your support! It’s hugely appreciated.

Others may chime in, but from my POV:

You definitely can never have too much documentation. So if there’s things you find non-obvious about glitch or the node ecosystem, writing up guides for Glitch is hugely helpful for us and the community.

You mentioned content, but from my perspective one thing we can’t get enough of are fun, ambitious projects. I hope we end up redefining the medium of programming to be a creative, approachable pursuit for people who want to solve problems and/or express themselves. Projects that blow people’s minds, make them laugh, and inspire them to try things out for themselves are invaluable.

As the glitch interface designer/dev, your ideas and feedback are all super valuable as well (the more detailed about your use-cases and context, the better).