Hey guys, this is amassing! Thanks a million! How to add on Project page? :)

Project URL: https://platipusica-jampy-demo.glitch.me/

What is your project about?
The Jam.py Project is like Django Admin on steroids. But, has nothing to do with Django/Flask! It’s more like MS Access for the databases :wink:

What does it do?
The Demo you see has complete App builder https://platipusica-jampy-demo.glitch.me/builder.html
It’s read only atm, but you’ll get the idea :slight_smile:
Clone it, check jam folder, file server_classes.py, remove line 182-184 and off you go!

Give a bit of a description of your project and what is cool about it.
I’m able to create databases with no programming experience at all. This demo has as little JS as possible to develop.

Hence, would just love to share it with you guys, please add on Project page if possible!

Enjoy & thanks!