Hi, i need to do a webhook callback URL (for whatsapp API)! But is not working, someone can help me?

I’m totally new in the progamation world, so i’m little bit confused. Have to do this webhook callback URL and change the Token for a whatsapp API, i followed this facebook tut Sample App Endpoints - WhatsApp Business Platform - Documentation - Facebook for Developers but is didn’t working (or is me doing the wrong things). Please someone can help me with that? (sorry bout my englist, i’m brazilian)

hi and welcome

you said that you’re new to programming, so it won’t hurt to start with the basics.

in cases like this, look for error messages. error messages contain information that can guide you to fixing a defect that could be causing your project not to work.

you’re working with a glitch project and a control panel on the whatsapp side, so try looking at both.

  • on the glitch side, you can open the “logs” panel in the editor to see messages from project server, including error messages if there are any.
  • on the whatsapp side, it looked like from a screenshot in a previous thread that a piece of text shows up near a red circled “X” if there’s an error message on their end

try to collect these messages and learn about what they mean. you can come back and ask if there’s anything that you don’t understand, of course.


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