Hi, will Glitch be suitable for my project?

I am working on a project that once I finish it, I’ll be in need to host multiple boosted node js servers (~around 20), each server is for each client that will utilize the project’s services.
The project is a long-term project.
Is Glitch with it’s current freemium model will be able to continue for a long time ?
Or is it better to use a safer/more stable services like digital ocean and such ?

Also I have a few months until finishing the development of the project, can I expect to have more than 5 boosted apps on the same account in a few months ?

Until Glitch gets a bit more stable and offers more paid servers, I suggest you continue with a VPS server like DigitalOcean. Also, you can only boost only five projects altogether, so there’s that.

Might be worthwhile for @Andrew_Wahid to contact Glitch staff (i.e. “sales”) directly. I have no idea what the limits are and arrangements can often be made for those that need them.