Hidden codes file


hello , my folder of codes r hidden idk why :confused:
how to reset it ?
and sry for my bad english :slight_smile: .


This can be for a number of reasons, please see https://glitch.com/faq#hidden-files


Yup i saw it but whatโ€™s the Solution for that ?


Which reason do you think applies in your case?


Files above 200kb are hidden from the file tree.
because my file above 12k line. :joy:


please any solution ? :confused:


please any one know the solution tell me fast plz plz plz โ€ฆ :slight_smile:


youโ€™d have to edit it in the console under advanced settings because the file is too big to show in the editor. if you go into the console and type nano and whatever the file is, it will open it up in the nano editor.


Oh thank you so much itโ€™s worked
and iโ€™m sorry for disturbing you :heart: