Hiding extensions in URL

Is there a way to hide a json file’s extension (example: blabla.glitch.me/…/…/pack.json) in url but keeping it as a .json file inside?

You can configure the express.static() function with a list of default file extensions that it will use when searching for static files

app.use(express.static('/public', {
    extensions: ['html', 'htm', 'json']

EDIT: It is public not /public. My mistake

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Where do I use that? sorry i’m new on this lul

Do you have an express server running in your project?

If you have a file named server.js that is your express server. Find the app.use(express.static('public')); line.

This function serve the static files of the public folder.

Look here. Line 8-10 of server.js. Read the description

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I’m using a webpage, not express ._.

I made a research and I couldn’t config the lws server of a hello-webpage to do this.

I think your best option is to move to a hello-express app.
You can use the public folder as your root directory of the webpage

And change that line I showed you earlier.

An express app is a more configurable server than a hello-webpage

Maybe somebody else know more than me and can solve it. But I think it is easier to make an express app

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Well, I tried it but when I went to the file’s link, It said “Cannot GET …”
What can I do?

Can you show me your code? Or give me your project name so I can see where is the error

EDIT: Sorry: It was my error. I wrote /public instead public

This is the right code

app.use(express.static('public', {
    extensions: ['html', 'htm', 'json']
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You have to name the file like this public/pack.json
This will create a file pack.json inside your public directory.

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