I am trying to install highcharts-export-server with the glitch terminal. It says the package was installed, but

  1. Doesn’t come up in package.json.
  2. Throws an error that happens when the export server isn’t built correctly/not built at all.

We recommend you install packages by including them in your package.json file. While you can install via the console, they aren’t synced like you mention, so it doesn’t automatically populate that package in the package.json file.

That is what I usually do, but this package specifically has a little prompt when you install it through console.

Which is why adding to package.json doesn’t install it correctly.

You can cd to /node_modules/highcharts-export-server and run node build.js from the console after installing the module by including it in the package.json file, so the additional step isn’t a blocker to using this method.

See https://glitch.com/edit/#!/highcharts-export-server for a working example project using highcharts-export-server and the steps described above.

I tried installing HC this way. Lead to an I/O error. So I tried removing it, first by removing it through my package.json and rebuilding it, but that didn’t solve it. My project is called fern-group.

EBWoDP: I checked disc space since that apparently causes this error, and its 42 MB.

The i/o error is unrelated to the installation method suggested, as the linked project proves.