Hmm.. We're having trouble connecting. Try refreshing?


I’ve been working on my project since this morning and all of a sudden it started lagging as it tried to save my changes. I got a message offering me to refresh the page, which I did.
Now I can no longer acces my project, I constantly get a “Hmm… We’re having trouble connecting. Try refreshing?” error message. Please help me :S


Hi @chrisalexandrepena,

sorry for the issue! It’s because of a planned downtime: Planned downtime Dec 20 2017, 9:30 - 10:00 UTC, which should end in a few minutes.

UPDATE: you won’t lose any of your work, except perhaps the last few couple seconds of typing :slight_smile:


Ah ok thanks a lot, I was really afraid I might lose my work. In any case keep up the good work, glitch is awesome =)


Approximately what time will Glitch be up and running again?
Many thanks.


The downtime is taking a bit more than expected, but we should be back soon


We should be back online :slight_smile:

sorry for the inconvenience!