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I believe that the newly added redirect from https://glitch.com to https://glitch.com/dashboard (when logged in) should be removed or disableable.

A major factor in my dislike of this addition is that the dashboard does not include projects that you are a contributor in, only ones you have created. This is an annoyance because a sizeable portion of my projects are not ones I own. If I want to access them I have to click twice to get to my profile.

Also, the old homepage was nice and had some cool things on it.

If people want to go straight to the dashboard, they can bookmark it. I don’t want to be forced to go to the dashboard every time.

Thank you for reading my rant :stuck_out_tongue: .

- Remiix

Note: This is just my opinion, please tell me yours if you disagree. :slight_smile:


That :point_up:. Or the dashboard should look more than just a list of projects with the option to archive and boost. Or the dashboard and the homepage gets combined into one awesome dashboard.


Yep that would be good. :slight_smile:


Its also a bit awkward how the redirect from / to /dashboard isn’t a hard 302 redirect its just a client side redirect.


It would also be nice if there was the option to leave the dashboard and enter the main community site.


Hey. I actually like this. I get why it can be annoying if it doesn’t show projects you collaborate in, maybe they could add a toggle to see those in the dashboard with some of the info (e.g project hours) obscured. I think it’s great to be shown more than like 3 projects when you go to glitch.com.
Maybe they could add a toggle so people who want to be redirected can and those who do not don’t


I like the old old homepage, where it was a lot more lively and you explore other projects.


Hi @rmx - just wanted to give you a heads up that we just shipped an update to the dashboard today that includes a tab for projects you’re a member of.

But I am taking note on the feedback to make the redirect optional!


thank you so much jenn!


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