Host a VPN on glitch

Can I host a VPN on glitch? If so, how would I set up algo with glitch?
I got algo setup on digitalocean, but it would be way easier to have it on glitch, because getting the config files is way easer (I don’t have to use ftp to get into the filesystem, I can just log into glitch and go to my project)

You never would have needed to use FTP in the first place, you could SSH into your digital ocean VPS. Anyway, it would indeed be hard to setup that VPN considering you need to install dependencies and other stuff onto the VPS, hence glitch doesn’t give you root permissions you must most likely build the resources on your computer and manually adding them to glitch.

You can in most parts figure out how to build the dependencies yourself and all, but when it comes to uploading the assets to Glitch I recommend using github. Upload your binaries with execution permissions to github and use wget on the glitch console to download them from github user content.

@Carcraftz i have attempted to set up algoVPN myself on glitch, but im getting constant errors and other things. i’ll keep trying!