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:arrow_right:At the moment. Me and My Friends are developing a bot called MegaBot. And when released its going to be a big hit! and all i am wondering if we did have loads of servers 1000+ would glitch cope with that amount or more. and i can notice on the stats. the CPU etc keeps going up and down. is glitch, strong enough for big bots, or is it suggested to change host? :arrow_left:
To staff who know about this stuff.

First off, is this bot guaranteed to be in 1000+ servers immediately?

If it’s not in a lot of servers >100 a Glitch container should be fine.

If your bot is going to be in 2,500+ servers you need to use sharding. Glitch won’t be able to handle sharing (correct me if I’m wrong) due to projects go offline every 12hrs.

The best option if your bot is going to be in 1000+ servers is look for a paid host (these won’t be cheap as you’ll need good specs and you need multiple ones for sharding) or run the bot locally. If your running locally I’d suggest using a Raspberry Pi to start off with (it’s only £35!) then you can turn it into a cluster to do sharding (if you wish).

My bot is 2100+ guilds :slight_smile: statistics are here:
(ps: the bot restarts every 5 minutes)

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You need to shard. Sharding probably won’t work on Glitch at all due to project restarts.

You either need to go with a paid hosting provider (cheap ones don’t always work!) or run it locally, as I mentioned above. Free hosts won’t be able to cope with that many servers.

Hey @flashmaster303 as others have said I suspect a bot in that many guilds is probably going to stretch the limits of a Glitch container, and as a result may restart regularly when it runs out of resources.

I think there are a few folks who have user sharding on Glitch, but honestly I don’t know much about it, so I’m not a great person to ask. I’m moving this topic to the Discord Help category to see if any other bot authors have input for you.

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I have one bot in 7k-8k servers and it never goes online because of exceeding memory usage.

I just shared it for the show. It needs the shard, but the Glitch project is getting tired.

Sharding uses multiple servers (in this case Glitch projects) to do sharding successfully you either need multiple servers with good specs (quite a bit of ram & fast processor/CPU/vCPU) OR you run your own hardware at home, etc. Glitch isn’t designed for memory-intensive projects.

Add me on discord! Flash#3690 if you want to chat and partner up. :slightly_smiling_face:

Add me on discord! Flash#3690 if you want to chat and partner up.

I will have to see :slight_smile: