Hosting console app - wetty

Example - hosting console app. In this case its Rogue, one of the first computer games. This version is modified to support mouse play.

Have no idea about potential security issues, so please feel free to comment if you are aware of any.


This is nicely done. I think? I can’t figure out from the editor how it launches rogue. There seems to be a lot of red herrings though.

But I like the idea of bringing command line apps from the web like this. This opens up the way to whip up simple scripts and hook them up to a webpage in a much more engaging way than CGI. Thanks for building an example of how to do this.

like stars wars in ascii see

@wh0 here, why the exe though

Did I overlook where in app.js or package.json a “_brc.txt” is referenced? I don’t see a “rogue.exe” in bin either.

no, seems like you need to look beyond the glitch editor because the glitch editor might hiding things

no gitignore how are they hiding things

The original place:

Good find. This must be what’s referenced on line 107 in app.js. Case closed.