Hosting for discord bot

Anyone know free hosting for bot?
(Glitch can’t host bot 24/7 bc they removed ping services.

Hello @ItsMelol123243 Glitch Don’t remove the Ping Service, If you read the article it’s say temporary

For More information about this issue Read Here:

Hope that i help you, Best Regards.

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thank you for the help.

do u know how can i host my bot in glitch?

or i need to wait they add back ping services?

Well, glitch offers you to boost your projects so they always run 24/7.
alternatively you could move your Project to Heroku.
Or Host them on your pc using a VPS.

I can host with glitch?

or i can’t host with glitch?

You can, it just won’t be online 24/7. Most people use a ping service to keep it online (however these have been blocked temporarily) or they buy the boosted apps subscription

if you want you can host you’re bot with Glitch, but right now not 24/7 with the Ping service. But with the Boosted Project thing.
For More information Visit here:

so for how long? 12/7?

With The Boosted Project you’re project is always run 24/7 Right now with that problem you’re bot stay online 5 minute…

oh. only 5 mins bot online?

do u know whe glitch add back ping services?

We don’t know, the message only says temporaily.

Okay, thanks for help.

Use Heroku to host your Discord bot, its faster too

Heroku is good and free?

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Heroku is good and free. You have to export your project to github first though.


I would retract the word good

Also it has limits on how long you can run your app for