Hosting Mastodon instances?

Is it currently possible to host your own Mastodon instance on glitch? In this sense I mean host the source code and run your own instance.

As suppose to having a Mastodon instance owned and hosted by Glitch.

I thought I’d ask first, rather than try it and be frustrated with results I didn’t anticipate. I’ve been meaning to switch instances for a while, but just never got around to it, as I’m currently working on a Ruby Chatbot at the moment.

In this case, I’m viewing it as a work instance, support of like if Ben Goertzal had his own instance called:

Although in this case, [my_name]

In theory you can. However, the version of Ruby installed isn’t sufficient to run Mastodon. (I’m not sure if Redis is installed in the Glitch container)

Hope this helps.

p.s moving this to the #glitch-help category should get your more traction on this topic


You should be able to install Redis by running this command: wget

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It is possible, I would probably boost it first as ruby can take a hit on your CPU

if your not root, switch to root