Hosting Question

So, due to recent activity which has hit my website, I’d like to switch my hosting from glitch to My main question is would the CNAME which has my domain in service still work, and would the website itself work?

If you change your DNS records (in this cases it’s a CNAME record) to point away from glitch and towards your new provider, once those changes populate across the internet (which can take up to 24-48 hours) you’ll be good to go. The only reason your need Glitch to take action would be if you wanted to reuse that domain on a different Glitch project.

Alrighty thanks for the information. When I get ready to migrate I’ll keep everything in mind.

@Darrenbird have a read of

You won’t be using a CNAME for the domain anymore. You’ll configure your domain provider to use Namecheap’s DNS (nameservers), which will then set its own records for A, MX, etc. and you can use cPanel to add more CNAME records if you want them.

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