How about other source control options like bitbucket?


How about other source control options like bitbucket?


I’d like to second that request – bitbucket is my preferred platform nowadays.


Thanks for the request!

I’ll get this on the list of considerations, though I expect we’ll be sticking with GitHub-only in the near term.

So much to do, so little time :hourglass_flowing_sand:


At work we have to use Bitbucket since we are using Jira and Confluence. Since our web projects are rather simple (but many) I would like to introduce our standard (paid) workspace. The benefit of not having to setup a whole development environment is immense for us.
Short: Consider making it a premium feature to lure companies from the Atlassian sphere.


some inside baseball: we’ve been laying the groundwork for an eventual git repo sync feature. We’re using the git protocol generically so that we may indeed be able to sync a gomix project to a bitbucket one. (However this is still separate from the current requirement to login with a github id).

Let us know if this (eventual) feature would be something that could jell with your workflow?


I think other Git repositories than GitHub would be very welcome. (This indeed is not related to which service you’ll be using for authentication.) For all kinds of reasons – but for example: number of private repositories allowed in a free/paid account – people would like the option to use GitLab or Bitbucket over GitHub to sync their ~Gomix~ Glitch projects to.


The containers have git installed. Just clone from bitbucket.