How can change from to .com?

Hello i exa me are have a site but new my site name is nor changin to .com or .org pls help to thanks for read

Could you explain your issue a bit more?

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You can’t change from to is for user made sites. is for Glitch’s official sites (like and


I think he wants to change the domain of his project from (projectname) to (projectname)

OP was very unclear, just wanted them to explain more. I thought it was a custom domain issue, but I am not sure.

I already did that

No, I meant to PM him sorry lol

To assign the glitch project to a custom domain …

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Here is a better version of the text

Hello, I have a website, but my site name is not changing to a .com or .org domain, please help me!

If that is what OP means, please refer to what @mishavee said.

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To clarify, you don’t get a free domain (.com,.org,etc.) with Glitch. You’ll have to buy one yourself and add it.


Luckily for you, you might find a coupon for a free domain for a year (or possibly even forever, if you’re lucky) just keep in mind that these type of these are once in a lifetime to find yourself so you should probably just use a browser extension, for now, and you get a 1/1000 chance now.

Else cough up the cheapest domain price I could find which was 20 bucks yearly or 500,000/year :man_shrugging:t2:

your best bet is around 8 dollars a month, (for GoDaddy) but google domains and Namecheap got some nice 2 dollar domains.

Speaking of which, I should probably register one! :man_facepalming:

GODADDY has some for 30 dollars a year. But I found it very frustrating setting up the DNS with CloudFlare.

Don’t forget the GitHub Student Pack, you get three domains free for one year each.

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Yep, I even looked at the student deals before posting

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I think it should go to #uncategorized since it doesn’t talk about how glitch works or a problem that they are having. We are talking about domains on glitch, which is a different thing. Domains are not related to glitch what-so-ever, unless if you are talking about