How can I add a new folder in my assets folder?


I would like to have my assets folder more ordered instead of having everything spread, is there any way to create a folder structure inside the assets folder?

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Suggestions on how to upload a collection of assets that need to be in a fixed structure?

No, not at the moment - but I’ll raise a feature request for this.

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Hi rodrigomf24,

It would help us out a lot if you could you give us more info about your project and if there’s a specific organizational scenario you’re trying to solve?

  • Also how many assets do you have?
  • Are you adding new assets continuously to your project or all at once?
  • How would you ideally organize your assets if you had folders,




Still no way to have subfolders after 7 months???

Right now I feel like development would be easier on any other platform.



Can I use yeoman. To build out my structure?



@pketh @Gareth My use case is that I have a site where I need a bunch of images (maybe 5-20) per page, and I need thumbnails for each of those images, and I’ll have about 20 pages in total, for starters. So you can imagine the nightmare that this would produce without the ability to organise them into per-page folders. Imagine if I wanted to redo the thumbnails on one of my pages so that they’re cropped differently. I’d be scrolling through hundreds of images just to find the main images so I can make a thumbnail of them. They’d be scattered amongst 500 other images (and in my case the images can be visually quite similar).

I’d reeeaally like to be able to organise images within my existing folder hierarchy, but if that’s completely off the books, then just being able to organise them within the assets folder would be 100x better than the current situation.

Another problem with the assets folder is that it’s cross-domain, and so I can’t use the images on a canvas (the canvas is “tainted” by cross domain data and so you can’t access the pixels after that). I currently get around this using an image proxying API (using express.js) that just grabs the image from the glitch cdn and then pipes it back to the client.

Edit: Oh, and another thing that’s less than ideal is that using the glitch CDN means that if my project outgrows glitch and I need to move to my own server then I’ve got to go through all my pages and change the glitch CDN urls to local ones, and update a bunch of stuff (e.g. remove the express image proxy) to get it into a state where it can be used outside of glitch. One of the most awesome things about glitch (I can fairly confidently say that I wouldn’t be using it for my projects if this weren’t the case) is that there’s very little “lock-in” - I know I can export the project and move it to a digital ocean droplet or whatever pretty easily if needed.




Thanks for the feedback joe, it’s really helpful. Local relative files in folders are on the roadmap, but it might be a bit before we can get to them

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Can I use the glitch CDN's asset thumbnails in my website?

Can we also have folders and sub-folders for our code too?
It would be much more organized and helpful



Hello! You can definitely create folders right now by adding them to the name of a new file – for example, if you create a file foo/yay.js, you have created a file yay.js inside of a foo directory. In terms of a visual representation of these folders (opening and closing them in the table of contents sidebar) that is something we are working on building. For more updates see this topic: The ability to open and close folders

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Are there any updates on this? I’m looking at an assets folder with lots and lots of image and pdf folders and I would love to be able to use folders in assets now.



Hey @ariannanicole, welcome to the Glitch forum!

We may be doing some work in the future to change how assets are managed that might incorporate something like folders, but we haven’t really determined what changes we’ll be looking at and I don’t have a specific timeline for when we might get to it. This might be worth a new topic in

Sorry for the bother!