How can I create .data folder and see what files are there?



I am a bit confused as to how we can create a .data folder and store files there.

I looked at the Sqlite3 example project and got things working, but I feel bad because I don’t fully understand how or why it works. It seems I cannot “add folder” in my backend section, but it still got created? Now I also cannot see which files are there…



This folder seems to be there by default.


Stefan’s correct for remixed projects - it will copy the files including any folders. Folders prefaced with ‘.’ are hidden from the editor. However, in a new project you can create a folder by creating a file in that location e.g. create a temp text file with the name ‘.data/temp.txt’ and that will create the folder which will remain even if you then remove the temp file.

.data/ folder not disappearing when sharing

It’s not there by default for me. Here is my first glitch project contents:


How do I mkdir .data ?!


There’s a console available from advanced options from the top left project info menu.

However, you can just add a file with .data in the title from the editor too e.g ‘.data/temp.txt’.