How can I enter emojis and other unicode into the Glitch console?


I have an sqlite3 database that I’ve been using the sqlite3 command line tool to manage, from the Glitch console. It’s great!

However, I have some columns that contain unicode, specifically emojis, and I’d like to be able to work with them.

The console seems to catch the usual “ctrl-cmd-space” that would open the OS X emoji selector, giving off a beep and not opening the selector.

If I copy an emoji character from elsewhere and paste it in, the console seems to get confused, putting in an unrelated ascii character and breaking the following string:

The console displays emoji correctly, e.g. when I search. I’m at my limit for photos-per-post as a new user, so you can find a screengrab of a working sqlite query with unicode results here

Does anyone know a workaround for this? I’d also be happy to file this as a bug report / feature request, if someone can point me in the right direction.



If you can find the ascii code of the characters/emoji’s you want you can hold alt and type it into your numpad, when you release alt the character will be put in :clubs::clubs::clubs: <-- alt + numpad 5 Woops, realized this does not work